With Christmas well and truly behind us, the dark nights and cold weather can make January a very difficult month to navigate.

So – now more than ever – it’s important to ensure you are doing all you can to look after your mental health and wellbeing in the best way possible.

Gi Group’s Wellbeing Champions have put together a useful list of tips you can follow to avoid the blues this Blue Monday.


  1. Plan Ahead – it’s important to start planning your next working week as soon as you can. Doing so means you know what you need to do when Monday comes, giving you the best chance at a productive week.
  2. Make your Sunday fun – Plan something that you enjoy doing on the weekend – whether that be meeting up with friends or going for a walk in the park. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant – we know January can be a financially difficult month. And don’t forget, try to get a good night’s sleep.
  3. Dress for your day – if you can, wear an outfit that you love and which makes you feel confident, happy and comfortable (even if you are working from home!).
  4. Meet up with colleagues – make time in your day to stop for lunch with your colleagues – or, even if it’s just for a cuppa – stop to have a chat and catch up. This can be in the office, onsite or even virtually!
  5. Get moving – if you’re struggling to motivate yourself to start your new exercise regime this year, start on Monday and just go for a simple walk. Get some fresh air and clear your head – you’ll be amazed at just how much better this can make you feel.
  6. Be kind – do something nice for someone else.
  7. Listen to music – (and even sing along – loudly!) Here is a Blue Monday playlist on Spotify designed to cheer you up on Blue Monday.
  8. Get cooking – Cook a new recipe that you’ve been meaning to try for a while. You could cook a new dinner or bake a cake (even bring some into work; your colleagues will be happy!)
  9. Meditate – Invite your colleagues to do a mid-morning stretch. Do some simple meditation and break up your day – you can even do this on your own.
  10. See family and friends – have something to look forward to after work by planning a visit to see your family and friends.


The above tips are something that you can try to beat this Monday’s blues.  However, feel free to take some, or all of them on board and gradually build them into your working life.

If you are a Gi Group Flexible employee and need to speak to someone about your mental health, please contact your local branch or onsite team who can signpost you to the right support.