Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

Do you want to make your talent acquisition function more efficient and productive? Are you looking for ways to improve your talent acquisition process, and your candidate journey, or access a broader range of talent pools? Are you hiring managers and hr professionals stretched? Do you need better reporting functions – or maybe some tech help in transforming data into powerful insights? Gi Group’s RPO can be the answer.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an umbrella term for a range of recruitment solutions that leverage our expertise in talent solutions and embeds it within your organisation.

As an RPO provider, we take on the responsibility of managing the entire recruitment cycle, from sourcing and attracting candidates to conducting interviews, making job offers, onboarding new hires, and even workforce planning. The goal of our RPO solution is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process, reduce costs, and improve the candidate experience.

What are the benefits of RPO?

  • Cost savings: Save costs by reducing recruitment-related expenses such as advertising, HR staff salaries, and benefits.
  • Increased efficiency: Specialised expertise and technology to streamline the recruitment processes, reducing the time to fill open positions and improving overall efficiency.
  • Access to a larger pool of candidates: Wider reach, to tap into a larger pool of candidates, including passive job seekers, to fill open positions.
  • Improved quality of hires: Sophisticated selection techniques and tools to assess candidates and make better-informed hiring decisions, resulting in higher-quality hires.
  • Scalability: RPO allows organizations to quickly ramp up or down their recruitment efforts as needed, making it easier to accommodate changes in business conditions.
  • Improved candidate experience: Provide a more professional, consistent, and streamlined candidate experience, which can enhance employer branding and reputation.

Why Gi Group’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Meet your talent acquisition objectives

By outsourcing recruitment, our Account Directors, Recruitment Business Partners, and Resourcing Partners integrate into your business, becoming an extension of your People/HR/Talent teams.

Following in-depth engagement, fact-finding, and due diligence, our Solutions Design team will build a bespoke programme and provide specialised advice to meet your requirements.

Increase your flexibility & agility

Rapid response to both permanent recruitment and temporary recruitment needs. Outsource your entire recruitment process or just certain parts of it – whatever your talent requirements are, we offer a scalable, bespoke solution that makes your approach more efficient and productive.

Reduce costs & boost ROI

Optimising the hiring process helps you save money in the long run. Our team can modulate their activity according to your business needs – reducing both time-to-hire and resources required caused by prolonged vacancy periods.

It gets better; our team takes care of ensuring an efficient yet effective hiring process that not only produces quality hires but minimises expenses.

Types of RPO Solutions we offer:

End-to-end RPO

Our End-to-End RPO solution is the best option for when you want to build a ‘talent team’ but don’t want to create the resource in-house. With this embedded approach, you can service your entire recruitment cycle. From Job Sizing, Evaluation, and Market analysis, all the way through to attraction campaign management; selection; shortlisting; interview; offer and negotiation, and beyond.

Project RPO

Project RPO is an End-to-End RPO model that is applied to a specific project and delivers the same high-value outputs, but within a defined time period to suit your project talent acquisition needs. The same care, expertise, and talent are engaged in this solution as it is in our ongoing End-to-End model

Partial/Selective RPO

Using this method enables you to retain certain stages of the recruitment cycle in-house, whilst utilising external expertise to deliver other stages. This ‘menu-style’ approach gives you the flexibility to choose only specific parts of the talent recruitment function to outsource.

Is RPO a good fit for your company?

RPO is a cost-effective solution for companies with a high volume of hiring that are looking to streamline their recruitment processes and improve the quality of their talent acquisition. RPO can free up valuable internal resources, reduce time-to-hire, and improve candidate experience.

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