What Apprenticeship programme did you undertake?

I started by completing a traineeship, I then joined Gi Group and completed a Business Administration level 2 Apprenticeship, I then progressed onto a Recruitment Level 3 Apprenticeship which included completion of the REC qualification.

When did you complete your Apprenticeship?

I completed my BA Level 2 in 2015 and my Recruitment Consultant Level 3 in November 2018.

Have you continued with any further learning?

Yes absolutely – I have taken every opportunity given to me! I have completed a Freight Transport Association qualification to support with my role as a Driving Consultant and I am now completing the Gi Group Management Academy which will give me a Level 3 Management qualification.


What influenced your decision to go on an Apprenticeship Programme?

College or university wasn’t for me when I left school, I just wanted to be employed and earning money! I recognised the advantages of ‘earning while I was learning’ and I wanted to join a company that I could grow with.

What did you feel you gained from your Apprenticeship?

Lots of things! I have developed my knowledge around how businesses function, achieved recognised qualifications and transferable skills that have helped me in each of my roles and lots of confidence in my ability and overall contribution that I offer. More importantly I have gained recognition for my abilities and have been promoted from my initial role as Administrator. Following completion of my business administration Apprenticeship, I was promoted to full time driving consultant and then industrial consultant. I have recently been promoted to Branch Manager!

What skills and knowledge obtained through your Apprenticeship are you able to use in your current role?

Communication skills, developing relationships, influencing skills, sales skills, negotiation skills and I really good understanding of the recruitment industry.

What was the single best thing about your Apprenticeship?

Definitely having the opportunity to progress. Without a doubt I would not have been promoted to Branch Manager without having completed my previous Apprenticeships and qualifications!

What would you say to someone thinking about completing an Apprenticeship?

Take it seriously! Recognise the skills that you are developing and how transferable they are. Some Apprenticeship opportunities may mean that you are not earning a huge salary, however if you consider the bigger picture, you will get to where you want to be once you have proved yourself.

What are your key achievements?

My biggest achievements by far are being accepted onto the Gi Group Management Academy and being promoted to the role of Branch Manager

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