In December 2019, Gi Group UK held the Big Christmas Appeal campaign: this initiative had the objective of collecting essential items like food, clothes and sanitary products, and donating them to local Food Banks.
The project was based on the song “12 Days of Christmas”, and each site had an objective to be reached every day, based on the song’s 12 days countdown:

– 12 Toothbrushes
– 11 Cans of Beans
– 10 Bags of Pasta
– 9 Tins of Fruit
– 8 Tins of Tomatoes
– 7 Feminine Products
– 6 Nappies
– 5 Cartons of Long Life Milk
– 4 T-Shirts
– 3 Jumpers
– 2 Pairs of Shoes
– 1 donation to the National homelessness charity Crisis.

The targets have been reached by multiple locations each day, and our clients, employees and workers went the extra mile going above and beyond the objective and helping to raise a donation of £825 for the National homelessness charity Crisis by the end of the campaign.

Every single person gave an incommensurable contribution to the cause, and Gi Group wants to say a big thank you to:

– Kate Maddison-Greenwell and Sally Hewick, Co-chairs of the CSR Team, for conceiving and coordinating this amazing initiative.
– Craig Small and his team for the amazing monetary donation to Crisis.
– Cynthia Tippling and her team for the big impact they made with the Durham Food Bank.
– Sarah Perkins and her team in Leeds for achieving the set target – and more – every single day of the challenge.
– Andrea Biro, who went over and above with the donations! Your colleagues, Ops Manager and Ops Director are very proud of you!
– David McCullagh and his team for co-ordinating our Big Christmas Appeal with the project put in place to help Chloe Hillman, a 12 year old Grimsby based girl that decided to distribute gift hampers to the local homeless people on Christmas Eve at Harbour Place. What a role model you are, Chloe!
– Laura Frost and her team for embracing the video challenge, very well done!
– The London TACK, INTOO and Marks Sattin teams for the collaboration and fabulous donations.
– Sarah Anderson & Antonella Argenziano for their support over the last 12 days.

Among the local Food banks that benefitted from the initiative, we can list the Chesterfield, Hatfield, NG11 Clifton, Durham, Warrington, Ealing, Portsmouth, Milton Keynes, Stockport, Open House Shaftesbury, Trussel Trust Coalville, Help for Homeless Leicester, Barnsley, Harbour Place Grimsby, Hull and Euston Food banks.

We are extremely grateful to the people that contributed, as it will help those in need during this season. It is extremely important, as part of Gi Group’s CSR, to promote such initiatives, and we hope to have set a positive example for the future.

Finally, we wanted to invite every person that still didn’t have the opportunity, to watch a special video produced thanks to some of the participants: consider it as a funny description of the milestones of this wonderful campaign! Click on the link below!

Big Christmas Appeal

Brace yourselves, today we are going to show you something different. Our teams across the UK have decided to tell you about our Gi Group Big Christmas Appeal initiative…with a song!In case you missed our updates in the past few days, this is the best recap you could dream of!A huge thank you to all the amazing people that helped us during this incredible journey: many people will spend a warmer Christmas thanks to you.We'll keep you posted on the latest developments!#BigChristmasAppeal#GiGroupChristmasAppeal#GiveWithLove

Gepostet von Gi Group UK am Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2019

We take this opportunity to encourage you to help people in need every day, as every little act of kindness makes the difference.