Every year, Gi Group runs a Big Easter Appeal and a Big Christmas Appeal where we collect for local foodbanks and homeless charities.

Every year, without fail, our colleagues across all brands rise to the challenge. This year, despite the challenges facing us all we are once again doing our best to #GiveWithLove. We will continue to do this as much as we can over the coming weeks, and hope that we can lead the way to encourage others to think of those that need us now more than ever.

Sarah Anderson from Gi Group in Hatfield went to a local foodbank this week. She wrote:

Whilst times are troubling for us all and we all face a challenge of our own we must remember that whilst we may look at others and think “I want what they have” there will always be someone looking at you wishing they had what you do. This was witnessed first-hand this morning when dropping off the monthly box to the centre to find the shelves considerably emptier than previous drop offs as the foodbank had seen a large increase in the number of users over the past week. It was an emotional visit, one in which we should always remember how lucky we are. Even when times are hard we can always spare one thing for someone else. So, when you are doing your weekly shop maybe just add an extra item or two, it really will make a difference to someone else. #GivewithLove

Vicki Wilson, our Senior Trainer, is relentless in her community spirit and has embraced our Random Acts of Kindness Month too, from donating clothes, making cakes for her neighbours and even letting some escaped cows graze on her lawn (she didn’t have much choice!).

What are you doing to #GiveWithLove? Go on, tell about your amazing colleagues, friends and neighbours!