At Gi Group we are committed to self-improvement and developing the skills of our employees in order that they can add value to the services that we provide to our clients and workforce. We are therefore delighted to announce that 25 of our recruitment and management team recently undertook a Business Improvement Apprenticeship.

Throughout the programme, various projects were run including critical analysis on streamlining payroll services, applying lean management techniques to procedures and implementing new recruitment methods tailored to individual clients.

Commenting on results Gi Group’s Head of Employability, Skills and Learning Kate Maddison-Greenwell commented, “We are pleased to celebrate the successful Apprentices and look forward to rolling out the new improvement techniques nationally to the benefit of our staff, workforce and clients.”

Gi Group employees who successfully completed the Business Improvement Apprenticeship include David Thurley, Paul Church, Michael Johnson, Gopi Khambhaita, Gavin Luke, Alexander Gurr, Rob Ball, Serena McGann, Hayley Pickering, Karen Baker, Chris Dodds, Vicki Pennal, Laura Sherratt, Joanna Antecka, Sue Buchanan-Vincent, Emma Greenaway, Emma Johnson, Rachel Keen, Sally Charlton, Agata Golec, Calum Rana, Amanda Allen, Mohammed Nabil, Cheryl Simons, Jordan Hutchinson, Constantin Tudorica, Heidi Edmunds, Marian Kerr. 

To find out more about Gi Group’s Apprenticeships click here 

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