At Gi Group, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee have been working hard on a new strategy to enable us to effectively give back the communities in which we are based. After travelling around the UK to speak to staff across all of our businesses, the collective decision made was to focus on supporting charities that help people locally to our branches, offices and sites.

It seems as though the roll-out of this strategy has really paid off, because over the last month we have seen a wonderful spike in CSR activity from all over the businesses.


Last week, our Gi Group Stockport branch donated a large number of items to the Stockport Foodbank. Having supported Stockport Foodbank service earlier in the year, the team were able to witness first-hand the fantastic job that the volunteers do there daily. Unfortunately the use of foodbanks grow year on year, showing no signs of slowing down and are totally dependent on public donations. Locally, the North West used foodbanks more than any other area in the UK in 2018, and so the team wanted to be able to help the community of which they are a part of.


They delivered their donation to the main Stockport Foodbank warehouse, who then distribute across the numerous foodbanks in the town accordingly, as well as local hostels. These foodbanks have unfortunately become commonplace for a large part of the town, often used by people in full-time employment who are struggling financially. This is a desperate time of the year for those in need and the entire team here at Stockport worked together and donated very generously in an attempt to make this period slightly easier.


Grateful for the incredible support by our colleagues, Manager of Stockport Foodbank Nigel Tedford wrote a wonderful message expressing their gratitude to the Stockport branch team.


May I take this opportunity of thanking you for the fantastic food donation that recently arrived from you – such donations are a real encouragement to us all as we seek to reach out and help those who are in need at this time – on their behalf can I thank you for your generosity.

Every week our centres meet those who are facing real difficulties and it is a privilege to offer help to them in the form of an emergency food parcel – often people arrive saying that they have little or no food in their cupboards and have spent the last of their money coming to the Foodbank.  Such stories are not uncommon and by having your support, we are able to help many more people during their times of difficulty.

Sadly the demand for Foodbank support continues to increase, however whilst there is a need we will carry on and help wherever and whenever we can, helping to put food on the tables where there is none, and providing much needed food support to households who are feeling the effects of numerous financial pressures.

As Stockport Foodbank does not receive any funding from the Government or Local Authority this makes your donation even more important and we are so grateful for the practical way in which you have helped us. Will you please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone involved and should you like to know more about the work of Stockport Foodbank, please do let me know.