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Gi Group Holding 2022 Sustainable Work Report

July 18th, 2023,

“Through our services we want to contribute, as a key player and globally, to the evolution of the Labour Market and to emphasize the personal and social value of work.”

This is our mission – and our recently published 2022 Sustainable Work Report, outlines the progress we’ve made towards the realization of this mission.

Our report describes and highlights the Group’s actions, as well as presenting the plans and the results achieved so far. Vitally, it demonstrates just how our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is strongly embedded throughout our governance and business operations—and how we face the challenges of the moment to help People, Companies, Society, and Institutions.

For Gi Group Holding, promoting and realising work that is sustainable means making a concrete commitment to ensuring that work

  • Is decent and safe.
  • Is capable of nurturing and enhancing people’s employability.
  • Generates satisfaction for both employees, employers, and their companies.
  • Pays due attention to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Uses natural resources carefully without any kind of exploitation or waste, thus safeguarding them for the future.

On the basis of these considerations, in 2023 Gi Group Holding elaborated a new version of its Sustainable Work Manifesto.

Gi Group Holding is increasingly committed to aligning its growth as a multinational organisation, with its corporate responsibility and sustainability goals. Both endeavours coexist with a priority of meeting the needs of all Stakeholders.

In response to the Group’s constant evolution and its publication of a new Code of Ethics and Global High-Level Policies, we have reorganised our CSR governance bodies specifically dedicated to the definition and dissemination of our CSR strategy.

Our quest for sustainability is also being pursued thanks to the activity of Fondazione Gi Group. This was established in 2010 and through its own Scientific Committee and an Observer Group, aims to disseminate and support the development of the culture of work in all its forms, as well as to facilitate the inclusion of marginalised individuals in the world of work, with priority attention to young people and women in critical situations. In 2022 Fondazione Gi Group took on the status of a Third Sector (not-for-profit) Entity.

For more information, you can consult the dedicated page and download the full Report.

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