Let’s Talk: My Dyslexia


Dyslexia effects many people in so many different ways, I was diagnosed when I was younger and got a lot of help through school. Having dyslexia can mean a lot of different things such as, spelling mistakes, mixing up numbers when writing and speaking, speech and much more.

My day-to-day difficulties could be a mixture of not being able to tell the time, constant spelling mistakes, difficulty in speech and explanation, writing emails, grammar and remembering.

It wasn’t until I joined Gi Group where I started to notice these symptoms much more. I am very lucky that my team within Gi Pro are very understanding and allow me to take my time when talking, help me write emails when needed and understanding everyday can be different from the next.

I am also very grateful for Gi Group in helping me to get the correct documents I needed to confirm my diagnosis and allowing me to open up more about my dyslexia and to not be afraid to tell others.

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