Redundancy is not as rare as you may think and affects thousands of people each year. It is understandable that many people think, why me? and see this as the end of their career when in fact it could very well be the beginning of a new and exciting one. At a time when you will have many personal matters to attend to, remember that the help of a fully trained recruitment consultant is only a phone call away. For details of our nearest branch please see our branch directory. At Gi Group we believe that a problem shared is a problem-halved.



Most employers do not go down the road of redundancy unless it is completely necessary. The reason can be due to one of many factors such as reduction in profits, outside competition, takeovers/mergers and even companies closing down completely. It is important to try not to take it personally and to remain positive about the future.



It is very important that you look after yourself through what can be a very stressful time and seek help and advice from family and friends. If you feel unable to talk to someone close maybe because of the worry of putting the burden on them, then there are always outside organisations that you could contact for advice. Your company may even offer counselling sessions that they will pay for.



During the consultation period with your employer they may offer to pay for you to receive professional advice from external advisors, which could include:

  • Professional Redundancy Counselling Services
  • Citizens Advice Bureau n Trade Union
  • Employment Law Experts
  • Career advisors

These organisations can help with many things, such as explaining your rights and checking through the redundancy package with you to ensure it is fair and reasonable. They can negotiate the terms & conditions of your redundancy on your behalf.



Depending on how long you have been working for your employer you should receive some sort of redundancy pay. Check your contract of employment for how much this should be and also the notice period you are entitled to. You may be entitled to unemployment benefit so check this out at your local Department of Health and Social Security. The Citizens Advice Bureau is also on hand to offer advice if you are suffering financial hardship.



Although these changes may have been forced upon you try to view them as a positive way forward, a time to take a deep breath and to look at what you have achieved in the past and what you want from the future. You may decide on a totally different career path and to use this time to learn new skills or to develop your existing ones. Take this opportunity to plan your future and to move on to bigger and better things.



It is important to register at your local unemployment benefit office as soon as you become unemployed and provided you have paid the right amount of national insurance contributions, you should be entitled to make a claim for benefits. Some of the additional benefits which may be available to you are; housing, council tax and child care costs, these will all be dependent on your circumstances.

Most importantly remember: It was your job that was made redundant not you! Our experienced consultants are available to help you plan your future career.