Latest UK Employment statistics released by ONS show the level of employment in the UK increased by 141,000 to a record high of 32.54 million in the three months to November 2018. Also a record high, and with 39,000 more than a year earlier, there were 853,000 job vacancies available in the period October to December 2018.

Commenting on the latest figures, Gi Group UK’s CEO Bev White said “With particularly high numbers of vacancies in markets such as manufacturing (62,000) and human health and social work activities (132,000) – industries where workers are often sourced from across the EU – we welcome the latest announcement from the government that it has reversed its proposed fee for settled status. With many of these roles at the lower end of the pay spectrum, removing this barrier is a positive move that will help employees secure their right to work in the UK and help organisations to retain and attract the workers they need.”

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