Latest statistics from the ONS show that the number of women in the workplace is now at its joint lowest level since 1971.


Commenting on the figures, Gi Group UK’s CEO Bev White said “Whilst it’s fantastic to see the lowest unemployment rate for women at 3.7% since 1971, we shouldn’t be complacent that gender imbalances in the workplace continue and need to be addressed.

On a separate note, the recently published figures on increased earnings (in which average weekly earnings were estimated to have increased by 3.4%, compared with a year earlier) reinforce what we are seeing in the field. Even in such a competitive recruitment market, with increased competition for candidates causing this wage spike, it must surely be a question of if, not when, those earnings will hit a ceiling. In preparation, organisations must recognise that there is more to attracting and retaining the right talent than simply a competitive salary. They must focus on getting the entire package right – and that also includes employee value proposition, culture, flexibility and working environment.”


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