1. Which apprenticeship are you completing?

I am completing the level 3 business administration apprenticeship provided by Birmingham 2022 in association with Gi Group.


  1. Why did you enroll onto this apprenticsehip?

Firstly, I enrolled because I wanted the opportunity to work towards a widely recognised qualification that would give me a great advantage within the sport event planning industry. Secondly, I wanted to gain valuable work experience simultaneously, this apprenticeship met both of those requirements for me and was therefore a no brainer! Also, due to the fact that I have both GCSEs and A levels at A*- C level, the level 3 was the perfect fit.


  1. How are you benefitting from being on the apprenticeship?

Being an apprentice, my team, division, and organisation push me forward for opportunities of learning, growth, and development. I have done things that previously I wouldn’t have necessarily volunteered for, such as public speaking to over 100 staff members, exposure to very crucial projects within my functional area and leading/managing groups of clients. All of these skills and experiences I am gaining will put me in greater stead for my next professional endeavor.


  1. How are you using the knowledge, skills and behaviours obtained through your apprenticeship in your current role?

We have multiple modules about personal development and the inner workings of business, I have been using the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis frequently whenever I am reflecting on a project or piece of work that I have done or about to do. This helps me to think practically and proactively about what went well and areas of consideration or improvement. I have also been using the skills suggested in the managing stakeholders workbook when I am communicating with both internal and external stakeholders.


  1. What has been your key achievement so far?

My key achievement thus far would have to be the work I did for my project recently. I as an influential member in the development and creation of the UKVI/B2022 visa application form build. The work I produced during the project duration will be used by over 20,000 people this year and will most likely be transferred and shared onto future games to come, that makes me very proud, I’m still yet to tell my mum though!


  1. What is the best thing about your apprenticeship?

The best thing has to be the doors of opportunity that have been opened up to me just because I am an apprentice. It has allowed me to get a good footing onto the steppingstones of building my career. I have learned so much technically and professionally and that will only continue to increase as time draws on.


  1. How do you feel the apprenticeship will help with future career development?

From a networking perspective I have been exposed to numerous individuals that will be paramount for me getting ahead in the future. Like I mentioned above, having a largely recognised and sought after qualification sets me apart in an already competitive job market, along with the opportunities to tap into the hidden job market just by merely building relationships around the office and with external clients.


  1. What 1 piece of advice would you give someone considering enrolling onto an apprenticeship?

I don’t really have 1 piece of advice but rather a question, what’s there to lose by doing it? An apprenticeship is a win-win scenario, you get a qualification, on the job experience and a pay cheque, and that’s just on the surface. Not to mention the networking and personal development opportunities. My only regret is that I didn’t do one sooner, but such is life!


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